Yale Historian Says It’s “Inevitable” That Donald Trump Will Stage A “Reichstag Fire” To Save His Presidency

In his book “On Tyranny,” Timothy Snyder compares Trump with 1930s fascists while guiding the reader on how to resist and keep their freedom. The similarities are more striking than what is already evident, and during an interview with Chauncey DeVega, Snyder described the lengths and dangers these similarities have, and how Americans’ habit of tossing around terms like “fascists,” dictator,” and calling people “Hitler” has lessened the meaning of those words.  Not only that, but since the end of the Cold War, Americans have had a false sense that they were untouchable.

One of the most alarming observations Snyder made is Trump’s “inevitability” to create a “Reichstag Fire” event—an attack in Germany that Hitler used to limit freedom, but also theorized to be staged by the Nazis as a False Flag.

“Whether it works or not depends upon whether when something terrible happens to this country, we are aware that the main significance of it is whether or not we are going to be more or less free citizens in the future. My gut feeling is that Trump and his administration will try and that it won’t work. Not so much because we are so great but because we have a little bit of time to prepare. I also think that there are enough people and enough agencies of the government who have also thought about this, and would not necessarily go along.”

With the steps Trump is already taking towards Fascism. Hopefully, Snyder is right that if Trump tried to stage a false flag, other agencies would stop him.

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