World Heart Day On September 29 – Avoid These 8 Junk Foods For A Healthier Heart

The risk of heart ailments may be reduced by controlling high cholesterol level, sugar level, blood pressure and insulin level in the body and better choice of your diet may help you controlling these factors. But contrastingly, some foods may aggravate the problem, which you need to avoid. Here are 8 foods, which you need not to be included in your diet chart for a better and a safer heart health.

Pizza is the biggest contributor of saturated fat.

Why it is harmful for the heart: The crust of pizza is rich in carbohydrates, fat and sodium, which is dangerous for your health and can risk you to various heart diseases.


Potato chips and fries
Harvard researchers found potato chips as one of the worst foods for your belly.  When eaten in excess may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Why it is harmful for the heart: As food like chips and fries are full of fat, sugar and salt which puts your heart in danger.


Coffee creamer and blended coffee
The mouth watering coffee creamer and blended coffee are also much harmful for your heart health. Research says, coffee creamer diminishes the memory power in adults under 45 years old.

Why it is harmful for the heart: Coffee creamer and blended coffee are the prime sources of trans-fats, sugar, syrup which again raise cholesterol levels in your body and puts your heart health at risk.


Tomato sauce and ketchup’s
A pack of tomato sauce contains around 830 milligrams of sodium, which is harmful for your health.

Why it is harmful for the heart: While preparing tomato sauces, the manufacturers include overcooked tomatoes, large amount of sugar and high fructose corn syrup which are quite harmful and dangerous for your heart’s health.


Canned vegetables and fruits
The fruits and vegetables are preserved or frozen for a longer time in stores. The industrial compounds like sodium, bisphenol A (BPA) and sulfates, which are used for packing preservatives and sauces are linked to various diseases like heart, cancer and endocrine disorders.

Why it is harmful for the heart: Canned vegetables and fruits contain high amount of sodium, added sugar and salt which is risky and harmful for your heart.


Processed grains
Refined or processed foods include white bread, white pasta, white rice, cake, cookies, low-fiber breakfast cereals, sweets and sugars, and other refined or processed carbohydrates.

Processed grains include the mechanism of refining grains or whole wheat with the process of mixing, bleaching, brominating, addition of compounds like thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and iron.


Why it is harmful for the heart: Processed grains are not good for health as nothing is left except high amount of calorie, carbohydrates and starch.


Processing involves the removal of various healthful compounds like minerals, dietary fiber, phyto chemicals, and fatty acids from the grains. It also destroys the natural structure of foods along with the addition of many ingredients like sodium, sugars and fatty acids which are not healthy for heart.

Processed Meat
Processed meat is preserved for a long using smoking, salting, nitrites, curing, or other preservatives. Processed meat includes sausage, hot dogs, deli meats, beef, pork, smoked meat, turkey and chicken.  People eating these meats are likely to deal with chronic diseases like heart, high blood pressure, stomach cancer

Why it is harmful for the heart: The meat has been consistently linked with harmful effects on health, due to the presence of high levels of salt, preservatives and compound sodium nitrate which plays a major role in the growth of bacteria clostridium botulinum.

Meat Delicacies, Ham, Sausage, Salami, Hot dogs, Small sausages

Sugary soft drinks
Research says, just drinking one can of sugary drink like coke, fizzy drinks, sweetened fruit squash and artificial sweeteners a day increases the risk of heart problems. Research also says that consuming liquid in your meal adds more amount of calorie as compared to the consumption of food in solid form.

Why it is harmful for the heart: All sugary drinks have the same adverse effects on yours heart due to the highly refined content of sugar and processed carbohydrates, which serve as a great contribution of adding large amount of calories in your body.

sugary-soft-drinks Glass of cola beside glass with sugar cubes

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