What Is Your Body Type?

Fitness experts believe that there three kinds of body. Only a few people fall perfectly into one of these three categories. Moreover, one can change the appearance of the body with effective training and good nutrition. Without further waiting, here are the 3 body types in both of the genders. Which type do you fall in?


  • Naturally thin people
  • Have long limbs and narrow shoulder
  • Fast metabolism, so fats burn faster.
  • Resistant to weight gain

Fitness experts say

Ectomorphs can eat a lot without having to worry about weight gain. But in order to put on weight, they would need large amounts of calories with short duration workouts focusing on big muscle groups. Limited cardio with strength training is the best training for ectomorphs. Experts recommend supplements like whey protein and plenty of starchy carbs for such body types.


  • Athletic body with medium sized bone
  • Hard body with well defined muscles
  • Can gain fat easily
  • Can gain muscle easily

Fitness experts say

Mesomorphs can gain weight easily so the best thing to do is to have a mixed diet consisting of balances carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They should eat sugary foods sparingly and concentrate more on lean protein, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Mesomorph body is the best body type for bodybuilding. Hence, weight training results are seen quite quickly.


  • Naturally large with soft and round body
  • Can gain fat and muscle easily
  • To get rid of extra fat takes a lot of effort is required
  • Metabolism is slow and muscles are not well-defined

Fitness experts say

Unfortunately, a large portion of mass on your body is fat not muscle. To minimize fat, endomorphs should do weights and cardio without going aboard. When muscle mass will increase, their metabolism will increase too, thus decreasing the chances of fat storage. Endomorphs should include higher fat, protein and carbohydrate diet which is to be properly timed and controlled. They should avoid high carbs and eat plenty of veggies and fruits.

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