Two New Characters Join Forces With Rick In ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8

Even though it’s currently under threat of a writers strike, details about The Walking Dead season 8 are starting to unfold little by little. Showrunner Scott M. Gimple has promised tense new episodes in which Rick will be ready to lay down his life.

We also know that Jadis, Simon and Enid will take on bigger roles in season 8, as the actors playing them have been promised regular roles.

With the betrayal of the Scavengers, the death of several comrades from Alexandria and growing numbers of Saviors, Rick will need more allies and fighters from the Hilltop colony and the Kingdom to defeat Negan.

According to TVLine, the sheriff will get exactly what he’s looking for because two new characters created especially for the series are coming to Alexandria.

First, we’ll meet Dillon, a twenty-year-old with a penchant for sarcasm. If he pulls off some good one-liners, maybe fans will welcome him as a kind of successor to Abraham.

The second new character is a Muslim man (take that, Trump) named Abbud. Just like Morgan in season 3, he’ll be at his wit’s end and completely paranoid after spending several months alone during the zombie apocalypse.

While Dillon’s character may last several seasons, Abbud is expected to be temporary. In other words, he’ll probably be killed off in some horrible manner.

As it turns out, Abbud isn’t actually the first Muslim to appear on The Walking Dead. In season 7, Ezekiel is seen talking in his yard with Nabila, who is wearing a headscarf.

If the writers strike doesn’t go through, season 8 of The Walking Dead will air in October 2017.


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