Twin Bed Designs that Your Kids will Simply Love

Seeing identical twins is indeed cute especially if they wear the same attire. But not only clothes are identical for some twins. Even their beds look totally a like too! It is really cute to find bedrooms with two identical beds. We even saw a bedroom with three identical beds since they have triplets! Sounds fun right?

Well, we are going to show you few bedrooms with identical twin beds. Upon hearing the words twin beds, you would think that all these beds are always covered with the same fabric but actually not all. Not all twin beds are decorated identically unless it is really intended for twins. So, we will share to you some bedrooms that have identical beds in it. Scroll down and be amazed with the duplicate beauty you are about to see.


1. Highly Functional Angled Twin Beds



2. Twin Beds with Overhead Wardrobes and Shelves



3. Twin Beds with a Rainbow-like Bookcase, Closet and Storage Drawers



4. Cute Beds in Alcoves with Shelves


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