This Summer, Try These Dance Forms

It is ok to hate gyms and desire high fitness goals. We bring you number of dance forms which you can learn this summer to lose weight and enjoy the workout at the same time. So,if your workout routine is monotonous and it is not motivating you to work towards your goal, find a class nearby and get indulged in some sassy moves this summer to achieve ultimate fitness goal while enjoying and dancing.

Bokwa Fitness
This workout is apt for those who hate gym but looking for high intensity aerobic activity. Also, you will be happy to know that this dance form follows rhythmic format. The workout combines South African war dance – Capoeira along with kickboxing can get you burn 1200 calories in just one session. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, and with fast pace body moves it comes out to be a fun challenging and full of energy workout. One more reason to try out this dance form this summer is that the dance is total fun but it does not follow the cliché 8 beat rhythm. Instead, it is based on number and letters like 6,8, h, f, and you need not to count your steps while dancing. Just focus on the shape of letters and numbers. You can freely move with the beat.

Tabata workout
It is an ideal workout for those who like to get fast result and in less time. Tabata is a combination of crossfit and interval training. It is also popularly known as four minutes work out. The workout may consume less time but it will surely consume more calories. It may be solution to many who fall in the category of busy schedules and settling unachievable fitness goals for themselves. The training pattern will squeeze the time you need to spend on a work out but will give you desired results which once seemed unachievable. So, get to learn this dance form this summer and look fabulous in your sun soaked summer outfits. Also dancing is always a pleasure! So keep dancing and stay fit.

This is more of an urban street dance form comprising international styles. So the dance has lively and playful moves and it is a free style dance form you can lose with this summer. It is a high level intensity workout and you can dance on bollywood to English pop numbers. But one thing is sure you will sweat and burn calories at a faster rate doing this power packed dance and it will also result in toning of body.

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