The Walking Dead: Top 5 Biggest Cowards On The Show

The Walking Dead features a fair share of badass survivors, but there are some cowardly characters who are lucky to have made it past day one.

For every strong warrior, there’s a weak link. I guess not everyone can be as brave as Daryl or Michonne in the zombie apocalypse. But some people are even more cowardly than others, so read on for the top 5 biggest cowards on the show.

5. Father Gabriel


The priest sits at the end of the list, rather than closer to the beginning, because he’s getting better. Last year, he certainly would’ve been sitting in a higher ranking. But Gabe has actually been proving his worth a whole lot more in recent appearances.

Still, it doesn’t change the fact that it took him a while to see the light. Before finally stepping up, he was one of the biggest cowards ever seen. It began at the start of the outbreak, with Gabriel refusing to let his parishioners into the church. They’d all die outside, leaving Gabe to be the town’s sole survivor.

His cowardice didn’t end there. After arriving in Alexandria, he once tried to get Deanna to kick Rick’s group out of town. He wasn’t successful, and finally accepted Rick as his leader.

4. Fat Joey

We’ve gone through plenty of Negan’s goons on The Walking Dead, and typically they’re not very bright people. But the lowest soldier on the totem pole would have to be Fat Joey. Because of his stocky size, that’s the nickname his leader Negan would bestow upon him, but it’s not like Joey was ever going to correct him.

Fat Joey obviously fears Negan incredibly. Upon giving Negan his bat during Carl’s impromptu visit, Fat Joey would endure some ribbing from his leader. Unable how to respond, Joey nervously smiles through it, scurrying out as soon as Negan tells him to do so. He looked like he was going to pee his pants at any moment.

Later, Daryl witnesses Joey’s cowardice first hand, during the younger Dixon brother’s grand escape. While eating a sandwich, Fat Joey encounters Daryl leaving the compound. Poor Joey pleads for his life, suggesting that he only does what Negan tells him to do. Judging by the fear in his voice, I don’t doubt Joey’s story at all. He would have also done exactly whatever Daryl would have told him to in that moment as well.

But Daryl wasn’t taking any chances. He bashes Joey’s head open, but his time in this world was always going to be short.

3. Gregory

Gregory, the leader of the Hilltop (played by Xander Berkeley), is one of the show’s most entertaining characters. He’s also one of its most cowardly. The Saviors definitely have Gregory by the genitals, and it’s no secret that Negan scares him to death. To keep his own skin intact, and by extension, his people, Gregory gives the Saviors whatever it is they ask for.

That didn’t stop Gregory from agreeing to “hire” Rick’s group to take out a Saviors outpost. All that did was piss Negan off, and Gregory was quick to act like the deal never happened. He refuses to help anyone involved with Rick’s group, only begrudgingly doing so at the behest of Jesus.

Gregory even attempts to give up Maggie upon one of Simon’s visits. She would have certainly wound up one of Negan’s wives if she was found. Fortunately, Jesus knew how he couldn’t trust Gregory, so he hid her with Sasha in a different hiding spot than Gregory had suggested. When Greg tried to expose the women to Simon, they weren’t there, and remained safe. But, the fact that he still tried is pretty irritating.

Even now, Gregory still shows a very obvious fear from the Saviors. As Maggie herself says, being such a coward makes Gregory a very dangerous leader.

2. Nicholas

After Glenn’s death in the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, his near-death experience has been forgotten. But let’s look back at that fateful moment to occur in the beginning of Season 6. We’ll rewind a little bit first to setup the backstory.

A cowardly Alexandrian named Nicholas first shows his weaknesses by causing Noah’s death. With Glenn, Noah, and Nicholas trapped in a revolving door, Nicholas forces one side open to free himself. This leaves Noah to be ripped to shreds by zombies on the other side. Glenn has to watch as the poor kid receives one of the show’s most gruesome deaths ever.

Later, Nicholas attacks Glenn in the woods and leaves him for dead. Glenn survives and beats down Nicholas, pondering killing him for revenge. But Glenn just can’t do it, and he helps Nicholas back to the town. This seemingly gives Nicholas a new outlook with a desire to make things up to Glenn, but things don’t turn out that way.

On a mission outside the walls, Glenn and Nicholas wind up trapped on a dumpster. They’re surrounded by zombies reaching for them, with no apparent way out. Nicholas feels like this is the end, so he ignores Glenn’s pleas to stay with him, and shoots himself in the head. This makes them both fall into the pit of zombies, which Glenn just barely survives.

1. Eugene

Did you expect anybody else to top this list? I’m betting that if you look up “coward” in the dictionary, they’re using a picture of Eugene for reference. Eugene is far and beyond not only the biggest coward on The Walking Dead, but perhaps TV’s biggest coward ever.

Let’s not forget how Eugene made it this far. If not for his lies to Abraham about being a scientist from D.C., he wouldn’t have made it another week. Only with stronger people protecting him is he making it so far into the apocalypse. And that’s true whether it’s Abraham, Rick’s group, or even Negan and the Saviors.

You’d think after a while, Eugene might finally man up a little bit. That’s what happened with Father Gabriel, after all. But apparently Eugene will always be useless, as we just saw on the series. With Rosita giving Eugene a perfect opportunity to bust out, he cowers and runs inside to side with Negan instead. He doesn’t mind being on the side of the bad guys if he thinks it means things will be safer for him.

I will say that although Eugene is a weakling, he’s smart enough to use it to stay alive. He knows he’s no fighter, so he has to come up with other ways to keep going. But, at the end of the day, whether it keeps him breathing or not, Eugene is by far the biggest coward on the show.


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