‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8: Why Michonne Isn’t A ‘Safe’ Character Anymore [SPOILERS]

The Walking Dead comics killed off a major character and now we’re all worried about TV Michonne’s fate in The Walking Dead Season 8.

[Warning: The Walking Dead comic book spoilers ahead.]

By now you’ve probably heard Robert Kirkman killed Andrea in The Walking Dead comics. Andrea was bitten in issue #166 when she tried to help Eugene escape a herd of walkers. Andrea shows Rick the bite at the end of the issue. Then #167 was released and it revealed Andrea’s fate.

In The Walking Dead issue, we find out Andrea’s wound was infected and she was slowly dying in her home back in Alexandria. One by one her friends stopped by to say goodbye to Andrea as Carl sat by her side. Carl refused to leave her. Rick had to step away out of the room, but returned to watch Andrea turn. Rick couldn’t kill Andrea, so her reanimated corpse attacked him. Rick and Walker Andrea struggled for a bit until he put a knife through her skull.

But a quiet death for Andrea in the comics is fitting. Comic book fans should brace themselves; Rick is about to lose his shit.

Unfortunately, Andrea’s death also isn’t a good sign for TV version of Michonne. Unless Kirkman wants Michonne and Rick to also be an item in the comics, TV Michonne is as good as dead. Michonne took over Andrea’s storyline in the comics, becoming Rick’s love interest and confidant. This means Michonne could be the next casualty in the show.

Andrea, the TV version, was killed in the show’s third season, which was also when Michonne became a part of Rick’s crew. Andrea was never close with Rick on the TV series, and opted to stay with the Governor. She later found out what a monster the Governor actually was and tried to warn Rick. The Governor caught her trying to escape and killed her by walker bite. It was Michonne who delivered the mercy kill.

Now Michonne’s death might be next. She’s might not be as essential to the TV universe as we’d like. They can move up Michonne’s death if they’d like. The show did it to Andrea, after all. They also didn’t hesitant to kill of Glenn even though he became just as much of a fan favorite as Daryl. We can see it Michonne’s death occurring after Rick wins the war against Negan. Rick can have the win he desperately needs, but is forced to deal with life after Michonne. He’ll have to rebuild Alexandria while dealing with another loss.

It would be another heavy moment in the show, but Rick has always managed to survive. We doubt the show will end on a hopeful note, so Michonne’s death on the series might not be so outrageous. We doubt Michonne will die in The Walking Dead Season 8, but she’s not safe anymore, even if comic book Michonne is still alive.

Do you think Michonne’s time is coming to an end to the show? Let us know in the comments below. The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres this October on AMC.

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