Teeth Grinding At Night: Reasons And Ways To Stop It

Teeth grinding is the sign that a person is in stress, it also indicated towards sleep apnea. Many people grind teeth at night, it happens because when a person hold stress or tension in the jaw and neck, and that anxiety can leads to grinding teeth.  Experts call this condition as bruxism that is  annoying as well as detrimental.

Dentist says that this habit is common among 10-20% of adults. They wake up with headache or a tense jaw.Bruxism is to be blamed here.


Repercussions of teeth grinding


Grinding teeth can leads to many oral health issues like:

  • Sensitive teeth

  • Damaged tooth enamel

  • Worsen temporomandibular joint disorder

  • Interrupted sleep

  • Damages teeth and joints

  • Tooth decay

  • Tissue damage

  • Dull headaches


Ways to treat night grinding


  • Work on your stress level

  • Avoid high intakes of alcohol and caffeine

  • Take help of your dentist


People advice you mouth guard which somehow be helpful but a mouth guard can make the situation worse. It is place to protect you from but the repositioning of the jaw and can make the obstruction of the airways worse.


Symptoms of teeth grinding


  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder pain

  • Wear on teeth

  • Teeth that worn flat

  • Jaw that clicks

  • Sore muscles

  • Abfraction

Bruxism correlation with sleep apnea


Stress leads to bruxism that leads to interrupted sleep and eventually to obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea not only makes you feel sleepy next day but also leads to many health issues like increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety, obesity and automobile accidents.


Some studies have revealed that women of ages 20-70, suffer from sleep apnea and are at greatest risk. Others who are at risk are: petite women, people with long neck, children with ADHD, kids who were not breastfed as infants and people with depression, stress and anxiety issues.

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