Smartphone Cancer Detector Faster Than Lab Tests

Wonders never seem to cease. Researchers at Washington State University have developed laboratory on a smartphone that can analyze several samples at a time and catch cancer biomarker with 99% accuracy. This new electronic device aims to translate bio-detection technologies of laboratories to clinic and field, so that the patients can get instant diagnosis in the doctor’s office, emergency room or an ambulance.

Smartphone can test 8 samples in a go
The team of researchers created an 8-channel smartphone spectrometer that can detect the human protein-interleukin-6 (IL-6). IL-6 is a well-known biomarker for cancers in breast, prostate, lung and liver. The spectrometer uses the light spectrum to analyze the amount and type of chemicals present in the samples. A common test called the ELISA, identifies the antibodies and colour changes as disease markers. While smartphone spectrometers that exist today can only monitor a single sample at a time, which  is inefficient and impractical for real world applications.

Can prove to be a boon for clinics and hospitals at remote places
This technology will be particularly useful in those clinics and hospitals that collect large amounts of sample but do not have on-site labs for efficient testing. The smartphone will also prove to be a boon for hospitals situated in remote areas. The new smartphone lab can detect 8 samples in a go. Therefore, one can say that the multichannel spectrometer is efficient and practical solution for real world applications

Scientists working to make the application compatible with any smartphone
The system currently works with an iPhone 5. However, the scientists are working to create a design that can be compatible with any smartphone.

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