Shocking Moment When This Friendly Sea Lion Suddenly Drags Little Girl Underwater—here’s why!

The sea lion tugged on her dress and suddenly dragged her underwater.

Sea lions are known to be very delicate and friendly towards humans, rather than being aggressive. As seen in many animal parks and zoos, these creatures are definitely one of the friendliest animals out there. However, this recent incident showing how a ‘crazy’ sea lion suddenly dragged a little girl underwater is making people more cautious towards the animal.

In a video filmed by a tourist near a dock in British Columbia, Canada, has left many tourists and netizens in shock. In the video, the sea lion can be seen dragging the little girl off the dock and into the marina, almost drowning her. Fortunately, her grandfather was quick and jumped into the water to save her soon enough.

The child could have been severely injured if she was dragged further down. While tourists are now scared to stay close to the animal, others are baffled as to what triggered the friendly animal’s sudden change in behavior.

According to experts, the sea lion was swimming around, waiting for the tourists to throw in some food. Apparently, the tourists in the video have been feeding the creature, and it was simply looking for more food. They are more curious that aggressive towards humans, and the sea lion’s behavior was simply out of curiosity.


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