Reasons For Yellow Teeth

A beautiful face and a perfect smile to compliment it, is enough to attract any eye. But if your perfect smile accomplish with yellow stained teeth, it can become instant turn off for anyone. These yellow teeth can lead to low confidence level and low self esteem, and can put you in embarrassment.

Everyone wants pearly white teeth but due to some reasons the pearly white turns into yellowish and stained teeth. So have you ever thought what can be those reasons are, which turn your teeth yellow. Let’s see here what can be the reason behind the yellow stained teeth.

Poor oral hygiene
The first and foremost reason of yellow teeth is poor oral care and hygiene you are practicing. Brushing properly matters, upside down, tongue cleaning etc is important. So you’re twice daily routine of brushing tooth should include brushing, flossing and rinse mouth to remove plaque, and not doing so leads to discoloration of teeth.

Illness or medication
There are certain medications which can darken teeth. Antibiotics like doxycycline, tetracycline, drugs for high blood pressure and antipsychotic medication can stain your teeth. Illness which leads to discoloration can be either a diseases that affects the enamel or the treatment like chemotherapy is responsible in some cases and teeth become more of brown colour.

Our habits
Smoking and consuming tobacco in any form leads to de-coloration of teeth or stain them. Even alcohol consumption also stains your teeth. Food like coffee, red wine, tea, tomato sauce, balsamic vinegar, etc can stain your teeth and discolor them.

Yellow teeth are a natural part of the process called aging, as you grow older your teeth become yellow. It happens because the upper layer called enamel start fading over time and our teeth start looking yellow.

Sometimes your genes are also responsible for your yellow teeth. It may be possible that inherited enamel of yours is more yellow than of other people. And to fix it you can talk to your dentist for best advice.

Preventing yellow teeth

  • Avoid coffee, smoking and carbonated drinks
  • Practice good oral care and hygiene
  • Use straw while drinking dark colour beverages
  • Drink water or milk after drinking or eating something acidic
  • Eat crunchy raw and fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Regular dental checkup is important

Home remedies

  • Take ½ teaspoon common salt and use as tooth powder and rub your teeth for cleansing them, you can also mix quarter teaspoonbaking soda into it for more effective result.
  • Take few drops of lemon and mix with salt, make a paste and use it. Rub onto your teeth for whiter teeth and healthy gums.
  • Take 3-4 strawberries and grind it to make smooth paste. Now rub that paste on your teeth for whiteness. You can also mix baking soda.
  • Holy basil leaves are also effective remedy to get white teeth. Just dry few basil leaves in sun and then grind it to make powder. Mix that powder in your paste and use regularly.
  • Take orange peels and rub it over your teeth every night and do not eat anything after this, do it for few weeks.
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