Obama’s Lawyer Just Revealed How Trump May Be Landing HIMSELF In Prison

The Trial of Donald Trump. Should the stars (and stripes) align, and should the American people be so lucky, it would not only be the event of the century, but the defining moment in the country’s history. Great ratings. HUGE ratings. It’s certainly not entirely farfetched. If the Trump-Russia connections are revealed to be true, he’d face not only impeachment, but criminal proceedings.

First witness for the prosecution: Donald J. Trump.

In an essay posted on Lawfare, Bob Bauer – a former Obama White House Counsel – just said that Trump’s Tweets could be putting him in legal peril:

“Mr. Trump appears not to understand that he is drawing a certain picture of himself, which is neither pretty nor without consequence for his legal position. This self-portrait can be counted on to color unfavorably any assessment of his motives when more formal inquiries into his behavior are considered or take place. While it is certainly true that prosecutors should pursue the crime and not specific individuals, suspicious behavior cannot help but draw attention to itself and push forward an investigation.” 

Mr. Bauer was referring to Trump’s recent attempt to intimidate fired FBI Director James Comey via Twitter:

To say Trump’s mobster-like behavior is “unpresidential” is to pretend that the word still has any meaning. His bullish, borderline criminal public behavior intimates a confidence that he is above not only common decency, but the law.

Mr. Bauer offers a parting warning:

“What is most remarkable is that the President has willingly created this self-portrait.  As scandals-in-the-making go, this one may become famous for featuring the President as the principal witness against himself: he seems committed to uncovering any cover-up.”

The coming months will show whether or not Trump gets the jail bars he so deeply deserves, but it’s nice to know he’s already building a case against himself

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  1. Reply sudeley May 15, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    First he has to do something wrong or illegal first, and so far he has not done that, the liberal retards are just grasping at straws. They need to go home and snowflake. Away from other people.

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