Mood Activator To Burning Calories, Kissing Is Healthy

By fulfilling strong craving and an urge of kissing, you are fulfilling the needs to live healthy. A minute of kissing makes you healthy.

Kiss for your heart: A strong craving and an urge of kissing is called Basorexia. It is scientifically proven that kiss helps a lot to keep the body healthy. Hugging and kissing your loved ones strengthen your heart, make it beat more calm and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. While kissing your body release a chemical called adrenaline, which promotes heart health, makes your heart pump more blood. Kissing also maintain the cholesterol level and blood pressure to keep the heart healthy.

Stress Reduction: Stress is one of the biggest enemies of the heart. A study of married couples showed that an increased frequency of kissing decrease stress, and increase relationship satisfaction. Kissing is the best healing to reduce stress; it lowers down the level of cortisol (stress hormone) and increase serotonin level in the brain which relax the body. So start kissing your partner and remove those antidepressant pills from your life.

Mood Activator: Kissing has similar benefits of meditation as it lowers down the anxiety and relaxes the body. Brain releases the dopamine during lip-locking, which creates the feeling of desire and bonding and increase the level of serotonin in the brain which boosts your mood and bring smile on the face. Kissing also gives you peace of mind and calmness by altering the oxytocin level in the body.

Maintain those pearly whites: Saliva swapping is kinda beneficial for teeths. Kissing increases the production of saliva in the mouth, which washes away plaque and help in preventing your teeth from cavities. But be careful to check your partner’s oral health before lip-lock, because cavity causing bacteria can also be transmitted via a kiss.

Burn Calories: Kissing burns 6.4 calories in a minute. It is the most fun way to burn calories. While kissing the body releases epinephrine into the blood and make it pump faster which reduce the cholesterol, increase metabolism and helps to burn calories.

Kill Pain: Kissing is the natural way of killing pain for headache and menstrual cramps. There is a blood vessel dilation which relieves pain. Kissing release natural feel-good chemicals which is powerful than painkillers, so think twice before taking aspirin or morphine.

For Your Face: Kissing your partner for 5 minutes every day, keeps your jaw and neckline in shape. In many studies and researches it is proven that, kissing involves 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles, which help the face to lift and tone the face muscles, and minimize the visible aging signs. Passionate kissing session increase the blood circulation of the face and give you a younger looking glow. So it is the best way to save money and time, why spend on anti aging creams and in parlours.

Boost your immune system: Healthy immune system prevents you from infections and disease. Kissing boost your immunity, a study says, kissing may increase a woman’s immunity from Cytomegalovirus. Cytomegalovirus, contracted through mouth to mouth contact, can cause infant blindness and other birth defects if the mother is a carrier during pregnancy. Otherwise, the bug is relatively harmless in adults.

Feel Good, Feel Happy: While kissing our brain promotes a happy elixir of feel-good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. It is important for your happiness and overall body health. These chemicals boost your mood and libido.

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