Modern Mountain Home by Walton Architecture

Comfortable minimalist mountain house Martis Camp designed by Walton Architecture, and build by Vineyard Homes it was created as a place of peace and relaxation. The residence is strongly connected with nature through the balconies and terraces of different levels and the beautiful views of this mountain wooden house.

The house has several living rooms with modern minimalist decor, a few pieces of furniture that suit the taste of the owners and their needs. Natural stone, wood and iron, used to define the rustic home style.

1-modern-mountain-home-by-walton-architecture 2-modern-mountain-home-by-walton-architecture 3-modern-mountain-home-by-walton-architecture 4-modern-mountain-home-by-walton-architecture 5-modern-mountain-home-by-walton-architecture 6-modern-mountain-home-by-walton-architecture 7-modern-mountain-home-by-walton-architecture

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