Kissing The Baby On The Lips May Be Fatal

Kissing the newborn baby on the mouth could prove fatal as the cold sore virus may develop herpes on the lips, which ultimately takes the child to the hospital. One child has recently lost his life under similar circumstances.

Here is a horror story of a UK mum Claire Henderson, whose newborn daughter Brooke was kissed on the mouth following which herpes virus developed on her lips, cheeks and chin and the child had to spend five days in the hospital. She was lucky to be saved by the doctors. But Queensland’s baby Eloise Lampton was not so lucky as he died from it, just a few short days after she was born.


If someone has cold sore, be rigid

“The moral of the story is do not let anyone kiss your newborn’s mouth, even if they don’t look like they have a cold sore,” Claire Henderson wrote on social media. “And if someone had a cold sore, ask them bluntly to stay away until it has gone.” Tell visitors straightaway, “So no, you do not kiss the newborn baby on the lips”. “No, do not let sick children near the new baby” and also convey clearly, “If you or your children aren’t immunised, then don’t come for a visit”. We simply can’t worry about being polite when our children lives are at risk.


For six weeks, tiny baby is unimmunised

For six weeks, tiny baby is unimmunised against most of the germs us mortals carry around every day. To you it may just be a runny nose or an ugly sore on your top lip. To that baby, to that baby’s family, it could mean the difference between life and death. So, we need to properly respect a child’s right to good health.


Giving a baby the best chance at life is your right

Some parents take extra precautions for the health of their baby, Though, as a parent you can often be made to feel like you’re being too precious in your overwhelming desire to protect your newborn baby but mind it, giving a baby the best chance at life is your right. It is  your responsibility and no one should make you feel guilty for expressing caution.  The parents, not extra vigilant for the health of their baby, are actually putting them at risk


Talk bluntly for your child

When somebody asks to visit at your place, and you have a tiny baby, tell clearly:

– If you have sick children, stay home. Or don’t bring them. Don’t kiss and cuddle my children. Please don’t spread the germs.

– I don’t want to spend a week working from home while caring for vomiting youngsters and still paying for childcare.

– I really do not want to spend the weekend in bed because, what do you know, I got it too.

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