Is Beer Healthy For Women?

IT is known that most men over the summer enjoy a cold beer, but what about the women?

There are women who love beer, but in smaller numbers (or perhaps not). Anyhow, we decided to examine the health benefits of beer when it comes to women consuming it and we learned interesting facts.

1. Beers Is Good For The Skin

As you probably know or maybe not, beer is a drink that is very rich in vitamin B complex – which is responsible for the beauty of skin, muscle strength and overall energy.

2. Improves Heart Function And Protects It

Beer reduces levels of bad cholesterol and increases levels of good, which is reflected in the form of a healthier body, especially the heart. Also, its ingredients help improve blood thinning, so there is a reduced risk of clots that usually lead to heart diseases. It is even scientifically proven that women who drink beer have a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Excellent Fatigue Fighter

As we mentioned at the beginning, beer is rich in the whole complex of B vitamins – especially black, dark beer, which contains the highest amount of vitamin B12, which is responsible for the formation of new red blood cells. By increasing the red blood cells, the level of iron is also increased, and this helps you to not feel tired and exhausted all the time – which by the way are also among the first signs of anemia.

4. Improve Bone Density

Science come to the rescue again with this headline. In fact, in many studies, which included women who drank beer and those who did not, it is demonstrated that the first group of women (who consumed beer) had a better and stronger bones and that they increased their density over time. Therefore, the beer has been mostly recommended for women in menopause, because in that period the body is starting to reduce the bone density as we get old.


5. As A Beverage That Hydrates

If you need a dose of energy, feel free to take a glass of beer – nothing will hurt. You’ll only get energy, the body will be hydrated. It’s been said that one beer in this case much better than the water for quick hydration, believe it or not.

6. As A Cure For Colds And Flu

In addition to the complex vitamin B, beer is rich in calcium, magnesium, selenium, and antioxidants that are essential in building the immune system. Beer is on par with spinach, olive oil, arugula and chard.

7. Improves Flatulence

Beer is rich in fiber, but when you compare light and dark beer – in this case dark beer is much better. Fibers are essential to our well being and are excellent for cleaning intestines of many toxins. Hence reduces bloating and other stomach problems that may arise. Please note that in some cases been can make you even more bloated depending on your body tolerance, so please be careful and stop consuming if you experience these issues.

Beer is healthy only when consumed in normal amounts, but it should not be exaggerated. Enjoy a warm day and cold beer, and remember always drink responsibly!

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