Inside First Family House of Bill and Hillary Clinton in Arkansas

Hillary and Bill Clinton lived as a young couple in a modest house in Arkansas in the United States. Back in 1970, this brick home has played a special role, in their lives.



Beautiful garden dedicated to the first lady of America is just one of the attractions of the seemingly modest buildings in Fayetteville in Arkansas where Hillary and Bill Clinton lived as a young couple. Today the house is a museum that attracts many happy American tourists, but also statesmen in informal visits. Ladies would be especially interesting to see Hillary’s wedding dress, and then in front of visitors opens up a treasure trove of memories.

There are rumors that Hillary repeatedly refuse to marry Bill and told him that fateful YES after he bought this small red brick house.

In this charming, warm home young couple was staying while working at the Law Faculty of Arkansas. Long after everyone was still talking about where the wedding took place, no less than in the living room.

Bill Clinton as a wedding present for Hillary tiled around this fireplace by himself. Very original for sure.


Modest kitchen refreshed with bright colors – yellow and orange.


The bathroom is simple, nothing luxury, practical and all white.


The first home of Hillary and Bill Clinton is certainly a luxurious one, but today is a place where the young people are happy to organize weddings.

“When Hillary got back from her trip, I said, ‘Remember that little house you liked so much? I bought it. You have to marry me now, because I can’t live there alone.’ I took her to see the house. It still needed a lot of work, but my rash move did the trick.” – from “My Life” by President Bill Clinton.

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