Improve Your Sex Life After Baby

Parenthood is an amazing and life changing experience in a person’s life. Parents love their little ones a lot and do everything to take good care of them. But no matter how much they love their children, the fact couple has to accept and face is that, bringing a baby affects the sex life. This is most difficult challenge, the couples face. Because of an added responsibility, they have no time and energy remaining to have good sex.

More the women is depressed, the lesser the couples were satisfied
Couples become stressed out not only by taking care of their new born but also seeing that how all these things taking toll on their sex life. In a research study, researchers surveyed new parents about their life, stress level and sexual activities after the birth of their child and 1 year after the birth. About 69% of women and 55% of men were somehow happy with the sex life. But it was revealed that the more the women were stressed, the lesser couple were sexually satisfied.

Even dads are as exhausted as moms
Nowadays, even dads are as exhausted as moms when it comes to taking care of the baby. But in the study, a father’s stress was not linked to sexual satisfaction or impact their sex life as mother’s stress do impact the sexual pleasure. The author of the study also said that mother’s stress is always more than dad’s, even when they have the same baby responsibilities. Women feel insecure about their parenting, taking care of baby and want to do everything perfectly for thebaby, which impacts their life even in the bedroom.

After child birth couples wait for the right time to start things all over again, sleepless night decreases sex drive, changes in body and hormones of the woman also affect sex life.

How to save your sex life after baby?
Having less sex after baby is part and parcel of life and every couple should know that. But after a year of child birth you will get enough time and opportunity to get intimate and return back to your normal sex life.
But sometimes due to hormones and stress, a person becomes less interested in sex. In another study, it was found that parents whose children are teenagers have least sex. Majority of people told that they have less sex after having children and many have given up on their sex life. Some says that they have sex once in a week and some says that their sex life become worse since children came into the scene.

Save and improve your sex life
Sex is the need of the body. A couple should not give up on for an excuse of having children. It is true, that sex life changes after a baby, but still you can do small little things to improve it and enjoy the bounties of sex.
1. Spend some time- Your children won’t leave you alone and you need to find some time alone to spend with each other. 9% parents said that they do not feel to have sex and other find excuses to blame for their deteriorating sex life.
2. Try cooking, join yoga classes, do grocery shopping together, etc. this way you complete the household work and spend some time together.
3. Come out of missionary position and from your bedroom. Try new poses and places to bring spark in your sex life.
4. Argue less and communicate more to solve the issues. You need to know that you both have to work as team. Communication strengthens the relationship and makes the bond stronger.
5. Send your children to granny’s home or a relative’s house. Go for a second honeymoon or plan a date.
6. Incorporate cuddling, flirting and show loving gestures towards each other.

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