Here’s A Surprise, Guess How Many Voters Would Sacrifice Sex To Remove Donald Trump From Office

What would you give up to get Trump out of office? TV? Smartphone? Money? Star Wars? Sex?Galileo and J. Walter Thompson Intelligence actually did ask this in a recent poll and found that many Americans “would gladly give up the essentials of daily living,” according to the data.

Approximately one-third of Trump critics said they would sacrifice smartphones, bonuses, TV, and, yes, sex if it meant Trump’s removal. 37% were OK giving up vacations or smoking. And 40% would give up alcohol, chocolate or coffee. While this might seem silly or funny, the results indicate the “profound and divergent effects the new presidency is having on the psyche and identity of ordinary Americans,” according to Galileo.


The willingness to give up such comforts can’t be said of Trump’s supporters—which Galileo also polled. Just 11% said they would give up TV. 13% would give up sex, and 17% would give up vacations, chocolate, and smartphones. The best result they had was 26% sacrificing beer or cigarettes.

And yes, there is at least one guy who would give up Star Wars for a world without President Trump:

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  1. Reply sudeley May 29, 2017 at 7:24 pm

    This is a good thing, can we have a trial run? Let ALL liberal retards stop sex so we can clean up the gene pool, then of course leave the greatest president of all times still rule our nation.

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