Healthy Diet Is Most Important For A Teenage Girl


The age between 11-18 years is the most important time for a women’s life. At this time women attain menstruation; her body is being ready for sexual activities, pregnancy, etc. The time when a women’s body become strong to face all the hardships of life be it physical, mental or emotional.

At this point of time eating healthy food and living healthy lifestyle is important. One should eat adequate, proper and balanced food for proper growth and development. Mother’s are advised to take good care of their daughter’s diet, as healthy and proper diet as a teenager helps in promoting good wellbeing and health in later life.

But the biggest problem every mother has to face when her child throw tantrums and become choosy in terms of foods and drinks. They always need tasty, interesting and variety of foods, healthy and unhealthy is not matter of their concern. Young children have good appetite and it’s your duty to feed them healthy as they need lots of energy.

The body of the girl grows between the age of 16-17 and max 18, and boy the age is 18 or till their early 20s. So your daughter has less time to build a healthy and strong body. Let’s see the need of a girl when she is 11-18.

Average energy (calorie) required: Girls 11-18

Average adult women: 1,940 kcal

Girl age 11-14:

If she is moderately active: 1,910

If she is more active: 2,460

Girl age 15-18:

If she is moderately active: 2,100

If she is more active: 2,700

Here the question arise if young children need this much calories why they are getting obese or fatter nowadays. It happens so because eating healthy fats, calories and carbs are important but today’s generation is more into junk food and cold drinks which makes them fatter.

Help them:

  • Reduce the intake of soft drinks and highly sugary drinks, once in awhile is fine to drink these aerated drinks. You can swap it from homemade recipes of smoothies, flavoured water, energy drinks and other drinks.
  • Junk food and packaged food is not good as well it only supply fat to your child’s body and make her obese. So swap it with homemade recipes of soups, healthy breakfast and snacks.
  • Highly sugary items do not give any nutrition to your child’s body and make her fat instead.  Try to make healthy desserts at home like cakes, halwa, other sweets, etc.

Help them to eat well

  • Offer them variety and tasty food but healthy.
  • Use your creativity for presenting it.
  • Make sure they have adequate amount of food.
  • Sever them at least 6-7 small meals in a day to avoid over indulgence.
  • Help them to adapt mindful eating, so that they enjoy their food.

Divide them into 5 groups like:

  • Bread, pasta, rice and other starchy foods
  • Fruit and veggies
  • Milk and other dairy products
  • Meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy source of protein
  • Foods and drinks high in sugar or fats

This helps in balancing the amount of nutrients, calories and gives the wide variety to choose from.

Eating whole day
Eating meals throughout the day helps them to refuel their body with energy time to time and avoid overindulgence of food, overindulgence leads to obesity. You need to make a healthy diet plan accordingly. Teenagers throw tantrums more than small kids when it comes to food. You need to design a healthy diet plan to make sure they are consuming all the nutrients at right time.

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