Harmful Foods You Should Avoid

In today’s world of advertisements and media, fake publicity is not uncommon. Even food items are not spared in this case. There are many pernicious junk foods that are being promoted as being healthy! A few of these are being listed here, which you should strictly avoid.

Vegetable oils

All foods made from vegetable oils are the worst destructive foods available.

  • These vegetable oils are highly processed and when consumed in large amounts disturb the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 ratio, which is generally 1:1.
  • When these oils are used for cooking there is a risk of heat-induced damage due to high temperature induced chemical changes. It oxidizes the good cholesterol in the body to convert it to bad cholesterol.
  • The heated oil combines with oxygen and goes rancid leading to vascular disease.
  • Risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and breast cancer increased when these oils are hydrogenated and introduce trans-fats in the body.

Table salt or processed salt

The regular “table” salt or processed salt are not the same as the natural salt our body actually needs. While natural salt contains nearly 84% sodium chloride and 16% other naturally occurring minerals, including trace minerals like silicon, phosphorous and vanadium, processed salt is 98% sodium chloride and remaining 2% comprises man-made chemicals, such as moisture absorbents, and a little added iodine. These are dangerous chemicals like ferrocyanide and aluminosilicate.

Maintain a healthy sodium and potassium balance by avoiding processed foods that are very rich in sodium and very low in potassium.

Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners like saccharin and aspartame stimulate your appetite, increase carbohydrate cravings, stimulate fat storage and weight gain. In fact, studies have shown that they cause greater weight gain than sugar!

Aspartame is known to produce harmful methanol that enters brain and bone marrow. Here, alcohol dehydrogenase converts it to formaldehyde that damages the sensitive proteins and DNA, causing genetic abnormalities.


In our craze for a low-fat diet, we have started going for butter imposters like margarine.

  • The unnatural fats contained in it is trans-fat that contributes to heart disease, cancer, bone problems, hormonal imbalance, skin disease, infertility, problems with pregnancy and lactation, low birth weight, growth problems, and learning disabilities in children.
  • They contain free radicals and other toxic breakdown products that contribute to numerous health problems, including cancer and heart disease.
  • Many additives like emulsifiers and preservatives of questionable safety are added to margarines and spreads.
  • Industrial chemicals like hexane and other solvents are used in the extraction process and have toxic effects.

Canned tomatoes

Most of the canned foods contain a toxic chemical, BPA, which has been linked to neurological defects, reproductive abnormalities, increased risk of breast and prostate cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems.

The high acidity of tomatoes causes BPA to leach into the food causing health hazards.

Processed meats

Processed meats like ham, salami, and roast beef are made from animals raised in confined animal feeding operations and are given growth hormones, antibiotics, and other veterinary drugs. They are raised in terrible conditions that promote disease and their meats are filled with sodium nitrite, other chemical flavourings and dyes.

Heterocyclic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, advanced glycation end products, and nitrites, get converted to potential carcinogenic chemicals during cooking.

Microwave popcorn

Not only is fast food or junk food void of nutrition, its packaging is itself a health hazard as it contains perfluoroalkyls like perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS), chemicals used to keep grease from leaking through fast food wrappers. These are “gender-bending chemicals” that are ingested by people and disrupt the endocrine system causing infertility, thyroid disease, cancer, decreased immunity, and increased LDL cholesterol levels.

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