Guess How Many American Couples Have ENDED A RELATIONSHIP Because Of Donald Trump?

Trump might claim to have a “close relationship” with his wife Melania, but a lot of Americans are splitting up—because of Trump. In fact, 11% of couples have ended their relationship because of their differences over politics.

In Wakefield Research’s new study, “The Trump Effect on American Relationships,” they surveyed 1,000 people to determine the impact Trump had on their relationship. While 11% said Trump killed the relationship, that number is 22% among Millennials.

But even those who are still together are not entirely happy. 29% said that “the current political environment” has had a negative impact on their relationships.  And 24% said that Trump’s win has caused more arguments than they had ever had before.

And what if someone’s spouse decided to support Trump? One-third said they would consider divorce. In fact, this is happening even beyond the survey. 22% claim that they knew of a marriage or relationship destroyed by Trump’s presidency, while 35% knew of at least one couple that was negatively impacted by his win.

Trump would probably just brag that he’s having a “tremendous” impact on people, even if he is ruining marriages.

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