For A Perfect Body, Lose Your Back Fat As Well!

Are you planning to go for a fitness regime for a perfect body? But remember that working for your waistline or belly fat is not enough, you need a work out for your back as well. I am sure that you don’t want that back bulge around the bra area, back tyre or muffin top. All these can spoil your looks, so put a little extra effort to make yourself more confident. Try these tips and workouts to burn back fat.

Start with toning
Try workouts or exercise moves to sculpt your back, obliques and shoulders to show off strong muscles beneath. These exercises also help improve your body posture. Try body balancing exercises too. Go for these kinds of exercises for five minutes daily to lose back fat.

Yoga to burn back fat
Try yoga poses. Warrior 3, half moon, side fierce, triangle, side plank, dolphin plank, bow, locust and wheel are the best to lose back fat. These poses also help in improving body flexibility, balancing, muscle toning, and in building strong muscles.

Watch what you are eating?
Workouts, yoga, exercises, nothing will work if your food and diet is not proper. Food plays a very important role in achieving your health goals. Even if you don’t want to lose weight or fat, unhealthy food is not good for overall health. So choose and eat smartly.

Cardio can help
Cardio is again the best way to lose back fat, a session of 60 minutes-five times a week-is enough to get that sculpted and toned back. Cardio have after burn effect too, that means your body will burn calories even after exercising throughout the day, at rest or sleep.

Fun cardio workouts to lose back fat and bulge

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