Food Desires – What Really Mean?

Craving for food is very common in all of us. Our desire for food is not limited to taste buds and mood; it’s a sign that our body requirements are not fulfilled, with the diet we are taking. A strong craving not only indicates that our body is low in specific nutrient but it can also indicate psychological reason.

Here are some conditions you can relate with:

Sugar craving:

We all experience sugar craves more often; we became impatient at that time and want something sweet to satisfy the urge. It is not only due to our love for sugar or sweets but it indicates that our body wants Chromium to curb the sugar cravings. Chromium is a trace metal and found in the body in the form of trivalent chromium. It plays a role in normal insulin function in the body. Food like broccoli, green beans and grape juice are rich in chromium and helps in maintaining a flow of body sugar. Not eating proper portion of grains, skipping meal and alcohol consumption at night can also be a reason.


Craving for chocolates is the daddy of all the craving and no one wants to ignore it. It is the most common craving and makes us feel good, especially when we are in a bad mood or depression. It indicates that our body needs magnesium. Chocolates also have magnesium; opt for dark chocolate which contains 65% of coco which is good to fulfill the chocolate crave. We can also add nuts, avocados, banana, fish, seeds, yogurt, whole grains and green leaves in a meal to fulfill the need of magnesium in the body.

Soda or Fizzy Drinks: We all know that drinking canned drinks like soda and cola are not good for health. Soda and cola craves indicates that your body need calcium which can be fulfilled by having mustard, turnip, kale, broccoli, sesame and turnip greens.

Salty Treat

Craving for savoury treats ; the chances are that our body needs sodium. Drinking alcohol, dehydration or illness can also be the reason for craving salt. Grabbing potato chips, packed snacks regularly is not good for health. Consuming celery, carrot, milk, low fat cheese or yogurt can satisfy the urge of salt and fulfill the need of sodium in the body. Sodium is a vital mineral which helps to maintain water balance in the body and regulate blood pressure.


Once we start consuming alcohol our body requests it again. Alcohol is an addictive substance and too much alcohol saps our body of minerals, due to which our body craves for alcohol but actually need minerals like calcium, potassium and a bit of boost in protein. Food which are full of calcium, potassium and protein are seafood, green leafy vegetables, vegetable juice, meat, dairy products, nuts, beans, citrus fruit.

Bread and Toast

We consume processed and refined grains every second day in the breakfast or evening snack in the form of toast, sandwiches, fried snacks, a side to soup or a foundation of pizza. It becomes the basic need in our modern world and become a popular craving. Eating too much bread can lead to weight gain and increase the crab amount in the body. Bread craves indicates that the body lacks in nitrogen and amino acid which we can get from nuts, fish and egg, food rich in protein. Fiber in meals also help.

Junks and Fries

Junk food is not only great in taste but also popular among all and is easily available at low cost. But these junks are not good for health when consumed on daily basis. They increase our weight and cholesterol level. When we crave for fried or junk food that means our body needs carbohydrate and fat. Instead of eating junk we can substitute it with healthy fats like nuts, cheese (sometimes) and homemade fried food cooked in coconut or olive oil.

Coffee or Tea

Excessive consumption of anything is not good for health but there are things we do not know while consuming more than our body need. Coffee and tea are one of those; craving for coffee has tons of reason but the most likely is one, that it contains an addictive chemical in it: caffeine. Craving for coffee and tea also indicates sulphur, phosphorus, iron and NaCl(salt) deficiency in the body. By incorporating beans, cranberries, garlic onion, dry fruits, spinach, cherries, whole grains, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, eggs, dairy products, chicken beef, green vegetables and seaweeds into the meal can fulfill the requirements. Substitute the morning coffee with smoothies or with green tea (the natural way of in taking caffeine).

Red Meat

Meat is good for health but craving for red meat indicates iron deficiency in the body which can be fulfilled by eating beans, legumes, unsulphured prunes, figs, dry fruits, seaweed, spinach, cherries, Vitamin C for iron absorption.

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