Follow These 7 Tips, Keep Your Pet Safe In Winters

During the winter season, we make many efforts to keep our body warm but equal attention is not paid on the pets. It is important to think about our pet’s protection and safety with the dipping mercury. So, given below are some guidelines, which help us to keep your pet safe during winters.

Bring your outdoor pet inside

During cold weather just bring your outdoor pet inside your home or garage, as cold temperature could harm the outdoor pets.

  • If you have a bird pet or rabbit, then bring them inside in a warm and protected area during the winter season.
  • If you are shifting your pet into garage, then there should be no harmful chemicals or any antifreeze on the floor.

Give them a shelter

If your pet loves to spend most of his time out and avoids entering inside the house, then in that case build a shelter for him outside itself.  Shelter can be in the form of dog-house, small building, or a shed.

  • Make a protected, warm and spacious shelter so that the pet can easily sit, walk and sleep comfortably inside.
  • Do not forget to cover the floor with straw or shavings.

Feed your pet enough food.

During the winter season pets burn more energy to stay warm. So pets should be given more and more food, which in return could provide them energy to fight against the cold weather.

Note: during winters avoid using metal food bowls, as your pet tongue may stick to the metal in cold temperatures.

Keep water unfrozen

Keep changing the water bowl of your pet timely, as the freezing temperature may also freeze the warm water, making your pet thirsty. Safe heated water bowls are also available in the market which keeps the water warm during the most rigid freezing condition.

Make your pet wear a sweater

Animals also feel the temperature difference like humans. Sweater or jacket should be used for the pets to protect them from the chilled and foggy weather.

Limit your pets outside time

In winter limit the outside time of your pets to make them protected from the harsh weather.

Refrain from shaving your pets

Limit your pet shaving, as long hair act as a shield in keeping the pet warm during the winter season. In cold and snowy areas keep your pet trimmed timely to reduce the amount of snow which usually gets caught in the pet’s hair during the walk.

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