Fitness Freak? Watch For Foods Not To Eat Before Workout

A big myth that has been misleading all the fitness freaks is, working out on an empty stomach will help you to burn extra fat or calories. The myth; never eat before a workout has been floating around forever, but the truth is one should always eat something before exercising to fuel your body with power to workout.

Crabbing something before workout doesn’t mean you eat all those junk foods or heavy (full) meal. You have to be very careful about choosing your food before workout; any wrong item can play a toll on your workout session.

Food you should avoid before stepping for your workout session. 

Soda/ Carbonated Drinks: Soda and other carbonated drinks is an unhealthy choice before workout, it cause gas and bloating for most of the people. No doubt that these drinks contain excessive amount of sugar to spoil your workout session.


Fruits: We all know that fruits are good for health and contain natural sugar but there are some fruits to avoid before your exercise or workout sessions. Avocados are one of them, high in fiber, protein and healthy fats; can be very difficult and slow to digest. It can make anyone lethargic and also lowers the energy level if consumed before workout. It is also advisable not to consume unripe or green banana, as it can cause stomach ache, bloating or uncomfortable gas.


Roasted Nuts: This high sodium food should be avoided before exercising. It contains salt and salty foods disrupt the fluid balance required for optimal workout. Say complete no-no to foods which contain high amount of salt like: beef jerky, lunch meats, processed snacks (chips), and ofcourse roasted nuts.


Flax Seeds: Flax seed are the good source for losing weight. Flaxseeds are full of fiber which, if consumed before workout can cause gas or bloating and discomfort. Stay away from high fiber food, bran, crabs and proteins; they are good for body but takes time to digest.


Energy Drinks: It seems bit tricky, it is said that caffeine can help you in a pre workout boost but on the other hand consuming energy drinks before your workout session is not good. Energy drinks are carbonated and full of sugar which can cause bloating, fatigue and gas. It is not very good for health and is also not a good source of keeping you hydrated. But one can substitute it with natural caffeine drink like green or black tea which contains high antioxidant and provides an energy boost.


Dairy Products: Low fat dairy products are always being a part of healthy diet but consuming it before work out can slow you down. It is advisable not to consume it 2 hours before and after exercise. It make you feel lethargic and acidic, especially yogurt which can lead you to cramps, diarrhea, discomfort or excessive burping.


High Protein Shakes and Bar: Already discussed above that fiber and proteins are essential for healthy body but takes time to digest. So it is advisable not to consume protein in any form before workout session. Pre-workout protein shakes and bar has high amount of protein and omit crabs, and can deplete energy levels. Try to intake 4:1 carb to protein ratio to keep your energy level up. But do not be fooled by many proteins bars available in the market, they are equal to candy bar and same happens with pre made protein shakes. They contain artificial ingredients, excess sugar and dairy products which together cause gas, fatigue and bloating. Protein bar less than 200 cal is good for health.


Fruit Juice and Gel: Sugary liquids like Juice, gel and flavored water can upset stomach and cause diarrhea. They give a quick boost to the body but failed to sustained energy. Even flavored water which we drink as great ‘fitness drink’ or taking it as good source of hydrating body contains high amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners and could hinder your workout. Juice of fruits rich in sugar should be avoided, it also contain fiber and cause blood sugar clash later. Fruit or vegetable juice is beneficial, when consumed half an hour after the workout session.


The Sugar Highs: Sugar intake before workout can ruin your workout session and also leads to blood sugar clash. Muffins, cake, chocolates, donuts and smoothie (contains high sugar) are not good options to grab before workout. All these bakery have too much of butter, oil, refined flour (maida) which is enough to spoil your workout sessions causing upset stomach. They all are the form of refined carbohydrates which spike the blood sugar and can crash you in the middle of the workout.

To gain some result from your workout, yoga or exercise sessions, one should avoid all these food before their workout session. Food like hummus, rice cakes, raw or hard boiled potatoes and fast food, can also hinder your workout session.

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