First Lady Melania And Barron Are Moving To The White House

Liberal journalists tried to convince everyone that First Lady Melania won’t join her husband, President Donald Trump in the White House. They came with a story that she can’t get used to her new life, and that she’d stay in New York City. Others claimed that the First Family is going through rough times, and Melania won’t even leave her home which implied that Ivanka would carry the role of First Lady.

None of these stories is true, because the President said that Melania would stay with Barron in New York City until the end of the school year. That’s what every mother would do, because Barron is still a young boy and he may not get used to the environment immediately. First Lady Melania is a good mother, and she knows what is best for her child.

Although President Trump stated that his wife will be joining him, liberals kept saying that none of that is going to happen. So, will they be surprised to hear that the First Lady and Barron will move to the White House in June?

Source confirmed this, adding that Melania and Barron are “absolutely moving after the school year.” This is a clear proof that someone tried to gain popularity by selling a fake story. Will liberals ever stop attacking the First Family? Barron is just a child!

The White House staff is pretty busy these days, as everything has to be ready for the First Lady and her 10-year-old son. This is so amazing, because they will finally be together. The President has so much to do, and he sure will love to have his wife and son near him. The proud parents have already picked a school for Barron.


What do you think about this? Will liberals try to spoil this information?

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