Experts Find New Cold Drinks Risks, May Cause Osteoporosis

Sipping aerated drinks tastes great and we all like it. But such drinks have something that can fast deplete vital calcium stored in the body.  In a collaborative study by scientists from Lucknow (India), UAE and USA it has been found that soft drinks contain phosphorous in high content, toxicity of which resorbed calcium from bones and teeth. This loss of bone mass can cause osteoporosis.

Phosphorus combines with calcium
The study was conducted with the help of urinary calcium monitoring among 35 humans (13 males and 22 females) who were made to drink phosphate-rich carbonated soda. Other 20 people were made to drink plain water. The volunteers did not consume anything overnight after which they were provided with cold drink.

Significant increase in urinary calcium level
Results showed significant increase in the level of urinary calcium of those who drank phosphate-rich carbonated soda while there was no change in the level of urinary calcium in those who had plain water. “Cold drinks have phosphorous and in India its consumption is high. At times people even drink such drinks to quench their thirst. Often they drink it on empty stomach resulting into greater absorption of phosphorous,” said Prof Mahdi.

One can of cold drink has about 60 mg phosphorus
Human body requires 700 mg of phosphorous every day, which is obtained from food and milk they consume. There is about 60 mg phosphorus in one can of cold drink. If one is consuming normal diet then there is no harm but if phosphate rich drinks are taken then phosphorus becomes in excess and it disrupts the calcium:phosphorus ratio in the body.

Phosphate may promote calcification in vascular wall
Going by the results it is likely that phosphate burden that promotes loss of mineral from bone can also promote calcification in vascular wall. Therefore it is important to ensure normal phosphate balance through adequate diet, as the imbalance of calcium can have irreversible consequences.
The study was conducted jointly by experts from King George’s Medical University, College of Human Ecology, Kanas State University, Manhattan, USA, Division of Research and Development, VPS Health Care, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Department Of Applied Oral Sciences, Forsyth Institute, USA.

The experiment
In all 35 volunteers participated in the study. There were 13 male and 22 females. The overnight fasted volunteers were given 250-ml of carbonated soda and two hours later their urine samples were taken for examination. Samples of those who drank carbonated soda showed urinary calcium excretion had doubled from what was the level before drinking the sample while those who drank plain water had no such change.

Expert’s Talk
“Once absorbed, phosphorus combines with calcium and accumulates mostly in bone and teeth to form structural basis and rigidity.”
– Prof AA Mahdi, HoD Biochemistry at King George’s Medical University, Lucknow.

How Aerated drinks are dangerous, new Finding

  • Collaborative study on aerated drinks
  • Study by scientists from Lucknow (India), UAE and USA
  • Finds soft drinks contain phosphorous in high content
  • Toxicity of phosphorous resorbed calcium from bones and teeth
  • The loss of bone mass can cause osteoporosis
  • Phosphorous promote calcification in vascular wall.
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