Energy Drinks Can Be Deadly For Young Children

Experts have proved that the so-called energy drinks have deadly affects on the kids and many children across the globe have already faced the deadly affects of having consumed energy drinks. Experts show that out of a total number of people who fell sick from these drinks, almost half the cases are of children because they do not realise the fact that what are they actually drinking. These energy drinks contain a high content of caffeine which gives only a temporary boost to energy levels. But the energy boost is not healthy and is short lived which can lead young children to serious health problems.
Affects of consuming energy drinks on kids
The affects of these energy drinks can take a serious toll on your kid’s health.The few major affects are irregular heart beats, high blood pressure, seizures,liver damage, cardiac arrest and death in some cases. The risk is even higher if the young adult consuming these energy drinks is already suffering from some chronic disease or taking some medications. Also, the other sad part of the story is many households children don’t even go to buy these energy drinks, they have an easy access in their refrigerator.
Why are these self-claimed energy drinks are dangerous?
This false source of energy is loaded with quite a high level of sugar content and caffeine. An average energy drink contains 70- 80 ml of caffeine per 236 ml serving. You will be surprised to know that the amount is five times more than the concentration of cola drinks. The excess of caffeine interrupts the calcium absorption in the body and also play havoc on bone health. The excess calories and sugar content lead to unbalance BMI and dental problems as well. The drinks also include few additives like amino acids and plant extracts. These additives can cause serious problems than those drinks which include only powdered form of caffeine.
Energy drinks and Alcohol
Mixing your alcohol with an energy drink can actually dull the feeling of intoxication which can be even more problematic and will lead to even heavier alcohol consumption.
People who should never consume these energy drinks
– Teenagers
– Pregnant women
– Breastfeeding mothers
– Anybody suffering from high blood pressure or heart disease
Recommended consumption quantity
“The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that adolescents get no more than 100 milligrams of caffeine a day. Children below the age of 13 shouldn’t drink caffeinated drinks on a daily basis.”
Few measures to quit these energy drinks:
– Get enough sleep,
– Get indulged in physical activities, go to gym or take-up some sports or any other option of physical fitness of your choice. Do it on regular basis Eat a healthy diet.
– If nothing works out consult your doctor.
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