Eating Disorder Is A Very Big Mental Illness

Eating disorder is a rising issue and a serious mental illness which is also associated with significant physical complications and increased mortality. Eating disorder can be happen to anyone be it men, women, young or even old.

Types of eating disorder
There are four type of eating disorder which is recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DMS).

Anorexia Nervosa: In this type of eating disorder a person consumes inadequate amount of food intake which leads to low weight. It also affects self-esteem related to body. Fear of weight gain, obsession with weight are said to be the reasons.  People with this eating disorder often see themselves as overweight. They eat less, exercise excessively, force themselves to vomit and use laxative. They face health problems like infertility, stop having periods, heart damage and osteoporosis.

Bulimia Nervosa: It is the other and common form of eating disorder, where a person consume large amount of food very frequently and to prevent weight gain there is self induced vomiting. Their feeling is out of control during binge eating and that is why they vomit later, go on water fasting, excessive exercise or take laxatives. They also face self esteem issues related to body image. It is associated with mental disorder like anxiety, depression and problem with alcohol and drugs which can leads to self harm or suicide and faces health issues like breakdown of teeth, thickened skin on the knuckles.

Binge eating disorder: We all sometimes do binge eating but have you ever thought that might be you, having binge eating disorder. Binge eaters consume very large amount of meals to prevent weight gain and followed by vomiting, develop feeling of shame, guilt and losing self control while binge eating. They also eat when they are not hungry and eat till being discomfort.

Other eating disorders

  • Other specific eating and feeding disorder
  • Additional eating and feeding disorder
  • Pica
  • Avoid/ restrictive food intake disorder
  • Rumination disorder

Symptoms and causes

  • It is kind of mental illness that involves psychological impairment, stress or serious medical complications.
  • The one with an eating disorder tends to hide, deny or disguise their behaviour.
  • They have the extreme concern about their weight, body image, shape and eating habits.
  • They show extreme emotions, attitude and behaviour related to food and weight issue.
  • They may show serious mental illness like depression, stress, anxiety, personality disorders or substance abuse like drugs or alcohols.

Eating disorder and mental health
Eating disorder is linked to mental illness or disorder, a person with eating disorder will often be diagnosed with mental health issue. It is commonly associated with depression and anxiety disorder and with substance abuse like drugs or alcohol or with personality disorder.

Treatment or recovery
Psychologist, psychiatrist, proper counseling, rehabs, etc are needed at the time of treatment and a person, who shows dedication and commitment can recover easily. If a person is noticing the symptoms and behavioural activities, he or she should seek help from friends, family or doctor.

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