Creative Ways To Maximize Limited Living Space

Ingenius architects and pretty talented interior designers have turned spaces, apartments & lofts as small as 240 square feet into compact yet cozy homes.
Most of them utilize ‘airspace’ or create multiple, moveable sections to transform an otherwise small living space into a full range (somewhat) multi-room home.
These creations are sure to make you rethink home modeling.

30 Square Meters Project
This entire apartment is only 30 square meters or roughly 312 square feet. The living room, kitchen and dining area are combined into one room while a huge bed area is built on an upper level 4.6ft high.

Bed Under Stairs
Harry Potter wouldn’t mind this bed under the stairs. Instead of storing random junk under it, these designers put a queen sized bed in the cozy corner, complete with a reading light.

The Cube Project
This place is literally a box, with an area of 3m x 3m and height of 3m. However, you will find in here a kitchen, fully functioning toilet, 2 seater sofa with coffee table and a bed for 2. It also features solar panels on the roof to power the entire cube.

Puzzle Loft
The designer’s love for puzzles has given birth to the bedroom above the kitchen design, giving new meaning to breakfast in bed and sleeping in the kitchen.

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