Chia Seeds Help In Weight Loss?

“Good things come in small packages.” This quote fits best on chia seeds. They are the next in-thing in the health community. Chia seeds come from flowering plants of the mint family and were cultivated by the Aztecs since pre-Columbian times. This superfood has caught everyone’s attention because it is a powerhouse of nutrients that have immense health benefits.

A nutritional treasure/ gem

Chia seeds are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, in fact it is believed that they are the richest plant source of omega-3. They are also loaded with anti-oxidants that speed up the body’s repair system by fighting off free radicals. Chia seeds are rich in minerals like calcium, phosphorous, manganese, and zinc. They have a decent amount of protein and high amount of fibre.

Do chia seeds help in weight loss?

Many sources claim that chia seeds are excellent food for weight loss. However, researches have opposite opinions. A study published in the journal Nutrition Research (2009) established that chia seeds do not influence body mass, composition or disease risk factors in obese men and women. On the flip side, another study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that chia seeds prevented the onset of insulin resistance in rats that had abnormal amount of lipids in their blood. Insulin resistance, as we all know, is linked to weight gain in animals as well as humans.

What is it beneficial for then?

As mentioned before, these tiny gems are nutritional powerhouses. They can be a good addition to your diet. Do not use it as a supplement rather as a substitute for processed grains because it serves as a whole grain and tastes better. Many researchers also believe that chia seeds have antioxidant property higher than any whole food. So, combat those free radicals with these miniature superstars.

Final verdict

The evidence is limited that chia seeds help in weight loss. They reason why chia seeds are advertised for weight loss is that they absorb 9 times their weight in water and expand numerous times their size. Thus, they create satiety and give your stomach a feeling that it is full. Therefore, this cannot be attributed for weight loss technique.

How to eat chia seeds?

  • Sprinkle a teaspoon on your yoghurt
  • Add a dash of chia seeds in your favourite smoothie
  • Powder and bake them into batter for muffins
  • Mix them in pudding
  • Drink with water and lemon

Caution: If you have any food allergies or are on medications, consult a healthcare expert before including chia seeds in your diet.

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