Beauty And Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds And Juice

Pumpkin is all season food and easily available. Pumpkin is used and loved widely. But there is one thing that we might not know about pumpkin; its beauty and health benefits which lie in the seeds and juice of pumpkin.

For Healing: The vital combination of anti- oxidant in the form of Vitamin A, C and E and zinc makes pumpkin juice an excellent healing agent when used regularly. It works as a cooling agent and gives relief in the treatment of burns, inflammation and insect bites.

For the Glow: Pumpkin consist Vitamin, C, E and beta carotene which help the skin to look more radiant, glowing, soft and youthful. Fresh pumpkin juice or seeds which contain fatty acids to balance the moisture level of the skin. It also protects from the UV rays.

Try this easy face mask for glowing and moisturized skin

Take 2 tablespoon cooked pumpkin puree, add 1/2 teaspoon honey, 1/4 teaspoon milk (for dry skin substitute milk with whipped cream and for oily skin opt for cranberry juice with same amount). Combine the ingredients and apply to your face and relax for 15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

For Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Pumpkin seeds, juice or pulp works as anti- aging agent for your skin.  You just have to take honey, lemon juice, yogurt, pumpkin juice or mashed pumpkin seeds and massage your face for fifteen minutes. Vitamin E also improves skin tone.

Acne and pimples

Flawless face is on the top of every girl’s wish list. Spending hours in the salon or wasting money on dermatologist painful session and medicines are not working. Here is easy available solution for you; pumpkin seeds or juice. It consists of Vitamin A which helps in repairing skin problem and fights against pimple, acne and other skin related issues like dark spot, dryness and hydrates your skin. You have to just apply the paste of mashed pumpkin seed onto your skin to get the effective results.

Wonder veggie helps getting lustrous hair

This wonder veggie also helps in getting lustrous hair. You have to take chopped and cooked pumpkin, add 1 tablespoon honey, yogurt and coconut oil. Apply this mixture on the hair and massage, cover with shower cap and keep for 15 minutes. Massage again and wash it with shampoo. It will moisturize your strands, make them shiny and promotes hair growth.

Health benefits of pumpkin

  • It is one of the very low calorie vegetables. 100 g fruit provides just 26 calories and contains no saturated fats or cholesterol; however, it is rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins. The vegetable is one of the food items recommended by dieticians in cholesterol controlling and weight reduction programs.
  • At 7384 mg per 100 g, it is one of the vegetables in the Cucurbitaceae family featuring highest levels of vitamin-A, Vitamin A is a powerful natural antioxidant and is required by the body for maintaining the integrity of skin and mucosa. It is also an essential vitamin for good visual sight. Research studies suggest that natural foods rich in vitamin A may help human body protect against lung and oral cavity cancers.
  • It is also an excellent source of many natural poly-phenolic flavonoid compounds such as a, ß carotenes, cryptoxanthin, lutein and zea-xanthin. Carotenes convert into vitamin A inside the body.
  • Zea-xanthin is a natural antioxidant which has UV (ultra-violet) rays filtering actions in the macula lutea in retina of the eyes. Thus, it may offer protection from “age-related macular disease” (ARMD) in the elderly.
  • The fruit is a good source of B-complex group of vitamins like folates, niacin, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), thiamin and pantothenic acid.
  • It is also rich source of minerals like copper, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.
  • Pumpkin seeds indeed are an excellent source of dietary fiber and monounsaturated fatty acids, which are good for heart health. In addition, the seeds are concentrated sources of protein, minerals and health-benefiting vitamins
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