Be A Real Man With Twizzle Moustache – Grooming Tips For Men

A man doesn’t grow a beard. A beard grows a man. This quote tells you the level of masculinity men attach to a beard.  No wonder many men keep beard just to give that `real man’ impression. It may be true that a man with a beard looks more charming and attractive. But it is also true that an unkempt dirty beard sends that `real man’ image for a toss. So if you keep a beard, keep it clean and groomed. Honestly speaking, maintaining a beard is not easy. It is time consuming and tricky, but guess it’s worth it for those `killer looks’. Keeping a beard and carrying it with grace is the sign that the boy has matured into a man. And yes, girls find it sexy too.
So let’s know what it takes to get that perfect beard.
Grooming kit
The grooming kit of a man should include a good brush, shaving cream, gel or bar, razor, after shave lotion or balm, moustache and beard oil, beard wash, beard wax, beard brush, grooming scissors, comb and trimmer.
Beard grooming
Be patient. You need to be patient because to trim and groom the beard, you first need to grow it. Leave it untouched for almost a month, and when the hair growth is even pick a style that suits you.
Beard style and face shape
It is very important to pick the style that suits the shape of your face. It helps you look better, and compliments your overall appearance.
Right time to trim
It is important that you should know the right time and how to trim your beard. Invest in a good trimmer, and learn the best trick and technique. This is very important. A single mistake will ruin your weeks of hard work.
Keep it clean
It is very important to maintain proper hygiene when you are keeping a beard, especially when you are at the stage of growing. You need to take care about skin infections and itching. So always use beard wash or cleanser, then pat dry it, trim the split ends and then use oil and wax.
Daily brushing
It is important to know how to keep your beard groomed all the time. A daily brushing or combing is also required to keep the hair always in downward direction.
Moustache’s magic
Your beard grooming is incomplete without the mustache, so never forget it. Moustache plays an important role in your facial appearance, and should complement your beard style. Always keep it neat and trimmed, groom it with grooming scissors and sculpt with hot wax.
Your diet matters a lot for the health of skin and facial hair, so always eat good fats, protein and vitamin B3, B5 and B9. Lean meat, milk, egg yolks, green leafy veggies are the best options.
Beard style according to face shape
1. Triangular face
This face shape has a narrow chin, wide hairline and a broad jaw. In this case one should choose a beard style that covers the lower half of the face in order to create some sort of a balance. One should avoid too full beard as the jaws will appear even wider.
2. Rectangular face
This shape is near perfect and has strong lines. Here one should go for short well trimmed facial hair.
3. Square face
For those with square face, one should opt for short beard with hard lines along the cheekbones.
4. Small face
Those with small faces should avoid beard, as beard makes the face even smaller.
5. Large face
Here men should go for full beard, as full beard will make their face look smaller.
6. No chin
In this case you may keep full and long beard. You should give it a shape that gives your face a longer look.
7. Round face
Here the man should go for a neatly trimmed beard. This makes the face look slimmer than actual.You can go for hard side lines along the cheekbones and a slightly squared off neckline.
8. Oval face
This face type is good for all style, so guys you can experiment anything.
9. Long face
Long face will look longer with shabby and untrimmed beard. So men should go for neatly trimmed beard scuff.
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