Aloe Vera For Weight Loss: The Jury Is Still Out

Aloe vera is considered panacea for all diseases in many households. In fact, it holds quite a reputation in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical arena. The applications of this magic herb are countless. It is being used since ages for various medicinal and nutritional purposes.
A concoction of goodness
Aloe is packed with vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, folic acid and so on. It is also rich in minerals like zinc, chromium, selenium etc. and has quite an impressive range of amino and fatty acids. Aloe cures sunburns, fights acne, eczema and wounds. It has detoxifying properties that help in digestion and cleansing the bowel. It also helps in controlling sugar levels, preventing cholesterol absorption in the body and is a proven and effective tool against cavities. The list doesn’t end here. Every now and then we hear that aloe vera juice can be used for weight loss. Is the claim true? Let’s find out.
Assertion: Aloe vera juice is good for weight loss
• Aloe vera contains high levels of phytosterols that aid in reducing visceral fat (fat around major organs).
• Converts body carbohydrates and fats into energy.
• It helps in the reduction of blood sugar levels, thereby blocking quick weight gain
• Aloe is known for production of collagen that helps in giving skin elasticity and replacing dead skin cells. Our body consumes a lot of energy in assimilating collagen protein, thus more energy consumption means more burning of fat.
• Speeds up metabolism, which helps fat shedding.
Animal research proved promising
There are many brands that market aloe vera for weight loss. The proponents claim that aloe juice provides a feeling of satiety, stabilises blood sugar level, accelerates metabolism and burns extra fat. Science, on the other hand, has just evidence of it being a promising weight loss agent in rats. In the study, obese diabetic rats were treated with aloe vera juice and compared to those who were given treatment with no active ingredient. Rats given aloe showed the substantial reduction in abdominal fat, body weight and improvement in blood glucose and lipid profiles.
Study on humans inconclusive
A study was done on humans also. The results looked favourable, but there are some reasons why the results were not considered as conclusive proof. First of all the study examined short-term effect, and did not indicate the long term effect of taking aloe vera for weight loss. The results of the study could be misleading as the researchers did not measure and monitor the participant’s body composition, food intake and exercise levels. It can also be said that aloe juice was just a coincidence, as the participants who had lost weight could have simply exercised more and ate a restricted diet.
Be patient and wait
As mentioned above, there is little evidence that aloe vera helps in weight loss.Researchers suggest that people should wait for further studies for some conclusive evidence. However, this should not stop you from using this wonder herb for its detoxifying paybacks, beauty benefits and blood sugar controlling property. Nevertheless, if you really want to shed those extra pounds, then you should eat healthy, drink lots of water and follow a regular exercise programme.
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