6 Healthy Benefits Of Tulsi (Basil)

Tulsi, also known as Holy basil is an integral part of Indian Household. Mostly the herb is used as a herbal remedy for common ailments owing to its essential oils. The herb is green in colour with outstanding aromatic properties.

Tulsi or Holy Basil is a herb commonly used in South Asia. While in India , it is considered to be a holy plant , hence it is rarely added to any dish. But it is consumed as herbal tea. However, it is an important ingredient to give flavour to thai curries. Especially the herb is used in stir fry- thai curries.

Here we bring you number of health benefits of Tulsi.

Sharpens Memory :
The herb has a healing power, where in the tulsi leaves act as a tonic to brain nerves. Hence, the herb helps in sharpen the memory.

Cures fever :
Tulsi is beneficial in treating common ailments such as cold and fever because of its anti- bacterial and antibiotic properties. Boil few leaves of Tulsi in half litre of water, add cardamom powder and heat it till it reduces to half of its quantity. Mix the tulsi water with milk and sugar and take a sip every two –three hours to cure cold and fever.

Cures sore throat :
The warm boiled tulsi water is a good healer for sore throat. You can use tulsi warm water for gargling and cure sore throat.

Good for heart / respiratory system :
Tulsi is also beneficial in keeping blood pressure under control. The eugenol in tulsi helps in protecting our heart lowering the cholesterol levels. One can chew tulsi leaves on empty stomach to prevent heart related medical issues. Also tulsi with honey and ginger reduces the risk of respiratory problems.

Anti-stress agent :
Chewing 10-12 tulsi leaves can act as a anti stress agent. It will maintain an optimum cortisol level which helps in beating stress. It helps soothing down nerves, boosts blood circulation and prevents production of stress causing free radical.  Hence, few leaves of tulsi can easily alleviate your stress levels.

Cures diabetes :
Tulsi leaves have ayurvedic medicinal properties which also help in curing diabetes. Tulsi leaves are source of anti-oxidants and essential oils which further produce caryophyllene, eugenol and methyl. These all help the pancreatic beta cells function effectively. These cells store and release hormone called insulin. Hence, tulsi leaves help in increasing the insulin sensitivity. If insulin is working effectively it lowers down sugar levels in body and hence, controls diabetes.

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