6 Easy & Natural Ways To Relieve Headaches

Whenever we experience a throbbing pain in our heads, we rush to the medicine cabinet or the drug store for pain-relievers. However, there are easy and natural ways to ease the pain. These remedies are so simple that you can even try at home. Have a look.

Use hot or cold compress
Some headaches are caused when expanded blood vessels press on the nerves. Applying cold compress to the area can constrict those vessels and relieve the pressure that has been causing the throbbing ache. On the other hand, some headaches are caused by stress and anxiety where cold tightens up the muscles that enlarge blood vessels and pinch the nerves. However, you have play around and see if you benefit from cold or hot treatments.

A cup of hot tea or coffee
Next time when you experience the throbbing pain, drink a hot cup of tea. Caffeine present in the tea boosts energy and has pain-relieving properties similar to painkillers. The anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties of the tea are effective in warding off the pain. Chamomile, green, cinnamon and ginger tea are the best teas to relieve headache. Coffee too does the same job however too many cups may cause headache and intensify the headache.

Go for a scalp massage
If you experience throbbing pain in any part of your head, then apply pressure to it. Yes! A scalp massage can improve the blood circulation from head to face. Do the massage yourself or ask someone to do it for you. However, the latter results in a more concentrated massage. Scalp massage should also include the back of your neck, face and the base of the skull.

Opt for almonds
Instead of popping a pill, munch some almonds which can be a healthier alternative to an aspirin. Almonds are pain-relievers as they contain salicin, an anti-inflammatory agent, Next time the ache starts to set in, try eating a handful of almonds. Migraine sufferers should not eat almonds as they can be trigger foods.

Grandma’s remedy-ginger root
Ginger root is an age-old remedy for the treatment of many ailments. It can inhibit the inflammation and pain and is a more natural and safer alternative for medicines. Munch a slice of ginger root or make a beverage or tea out of it when you get that excruciating headache next time. In fact, ginger root is also proven to effectively combat vomiting.

Drink water
In many cases, a headache may result from dehydration. It is a harsh fact that we do not drink adequate water as required by our body. Head for a glass of cold water as soon as you feel pain in the head. It will normalize the flow of oxygen and blood. You may also eat foods that are rich in water content. Fruits such as tomatoes, berries and cucumber do the same job as water.

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