5 Tips To Fix Your Failing/Broken Relationship

Relationships are delicate bondings and can shatter on simple misunderstandings and minor issues. And  once broken, mending it can be a die-hard task. Although getting back into the same relationship (if you want) can be difficult but not impossible, if approached with the right understanding. Without further ado, here are 5 ways you can mend your broken relationship:

Understand the root cause
Without understanding the root cause your relationship cannot be repaired. The reason could be a past one or an existing cause. Analyze each stage of your relationship and realize what went wrong at which point. Once you understand the reason, finding the solution becomes easy. In fact, the process of figuring out the reasons for breakup can be more effective if done mutually.

Forgiveness is the key
Once all issues are uncovered, the next step is to forgive the mistakes of your partner. This also includes owning up your mistakes as well. If you still hold a grudge about any mistake of your partner, then it will undoubtedly be the cause of breakup in the future. Forgiveness is one such virtue that takes any relationship a long way further. Forgiveness can initiate a brand new start of your relationship.

Change yourself
If you cannot change your significant other as you desire, then it is better you change yourself. Thus, improvise yourself so that resolving problems become easier in the future. Changing yourself does not mean that you are being submissive to your partner, it means that you are adopting a better way to be in a more satisfying relationship.

Make new commitments
Once things are back to square one, renew your relationship by renewing commitments. Once you make these commitments, be honest and adhere to them. Consistency of these commitments keeps the warmth in the relationship alive. Remember that you cannot alter the past, but you can change the future. Understand the past mistakes and commit to not to repeat them in the future.

Communication is the heart of relationships
Most of the relationships fail when there is no communication. Slight misunderstandings or forgettable mistakes can create a mountain out of a molehill. It may also lead to breakups. Whenever there is a negative issue, approach it with sensibility and positively. Make your partner understand the real picture. Talk with a mind of acceptance and never defend yourself or resist the arguments of your significant other. Do not make the communication critical but rather open and creative.

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