5 Natural Ways To Brighten Your Dark Underarms

Feeling awkward in wearing sleeveless dresses because of your dark underarms? Have you packed all your sun dresses and tank tops just to save yourself from an embarrassment? Ladies, don’t worry!  We will get your confidence back, and then you can gift yourself a new sleeveless dress to beat the heat. Just try these natural remedies to brighten your dark underarms

Life Has Given You Lemon, Bleach With It
Lemon juice is an astringent. It has natural bleaching properties. Applying lemon juice brightens up dark underarms skin to a few shades lighter. This is good news for you, if you have dark underarms. Lemon also possesses antiseptic properties, and they are helpful in getting rid of foul odour from the underarms. Rub a lemon wedge on your underarm skin for 15 minutes. For better exfoliation, you may also rub sugar or turmeric. Repeat this three to four times a week. Do not forget to apply moisturiser after you wash it, as lemon can dry your skin.

Slice That Potato
Who says potatoes are just for making fries? They have amazing benefits when it comes to the skin. Potato too is considered as a natural bleaching agent because of its mild acidic property. Take a thin slice of potato and rub it on your dark underarms for 5-10 minutes. Leave it for 10 minutes. Later, wash it off with lukewarm water. If you want quick results, do this twice daily.

Cucumber Not For Salad Only
Next time when you are dicing cucumbers for the salad, remember to save a few for your dark underarms. You heard it right. Cucumber too has skin whitening properties. Unlike lemon, it bleaches your skin without any irritation or itching, giving a soothing effect. Rub a slice of cucumber or grate it and apply the juice for 20 minutes. You may also add a little lemon juice to it. Try this remedy daily to see significant changes.

Baking Soda Is Not Just For Baking
At times, the underarms are dark because of accumulation of dead cells. In such cases, you need an exfoliating agent instead of a bleaching agent. Here’s where baking soda comes in handy. It is a bleaching-cum-exfoliating scrub that helps remove the dead cells of dark underarms. It also unclogs skin pores. Baking soda also kills germs, and gives you a clean odour-free underarm. Take some baking soda and water. Mix and   make a thick paste. Apply it to your underarms, and gently scrub the area. Wash off and pat dry the skin. Repeat this twice or thrice a week for effective results. Excessive scrubbing can lead to scarring and infection in the hair follicles, pores and sweat glands. So exfoliate gently.

Fruity Treatment With Orange
Want a natural treatment with a fruity twist, try an orange. No doubt oranges are savoury, but these fluffy balls can work wonders on dark pigmented skin. The mild acid in an orange makes it a perfect contestant among bleaching agents. Dry the orange peel in shade for two days. Grind the peel to get it in a powdered form. Mix this powder with some rose water and milk, and apply this paste to your dark underarms. Gently scrub the area for 10 minutes and then wash with cold water. This natural scrub will remove the dead cells, whiten the skin and leave a sweet fragrance of rose water and orange.

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