5 Beauty Benefits Of Baking Soda

Remember how grandma would tell you to check in the kitchen, to procure magical ingredients for beauty needs? Today, we would want to tell you the same, and this time while you scourge the kitchen for skin and hair beauty needs; check for baking soda.

Baking soda? Are you doubting us?

Please don’t! Probably every kitchen around would have a packet of baking soda, or maybe your fridge would have some leftover that has been used to absorb the horrible odors of the insides. Did you know that the affordable kitchen staple can also be used as an effective DIY beauty ingredient? Here are five easy ways to start off from today.

1. Use baking soda as an exfoliation agent

As we age, and as we deal with the grime, dust, dirt and pollution around, our bodies tend to lose its shine and sheen. Our skin turns dry and flaky over time, and the build up on the surface of our skin makes the body look dull and drab. Cell rejuvenation takes a nosedive, and when pointed out, we tend to spend a bomb on body polishing services at the nearest parlour. Save your money, save your time and save your energy dear PYT’s, and let’s use three tablespoons of baking soda mixed with a half a cup of concentrated lime to polish our bodies to finesse! Baking soda and lime, when formed into a paste and very gently massaged onto our skin, acts as an exfoliating agent.

The vitamins found in lime help nourish the skin, while the coarse texture of baking soda helps remove dead cells, dirt and grime. Use this recipe twice a week and massage it gently onto the surface of your skin for five minutes. Watch the difference each time!

2. Bid goodbye hair build-up with baking soda

If you haven’t been using ‘reverse hair washing’ each time you plan on a shampoo bath, you’ve been gathering build up on your crown. From gels to mousse, hairsprays to the pollution, sweat, dust and dirt around, your hair and the scalp especially takes a beating. Serums too when used and not washed out of the hair well can make the tresses dull and limp. What you should do is to use a quarter teaspoon of baking soda, mixed with a tablespoon of herbal shampoo and applied all over your hair. But first condition your hair with a branded conditioner, and then apply the baking soda-shampoo mix. Leave the mix on your hair for five minutes, massaging the scalp gently. Wash it off under cold running water thereafter. Your hair will shine and bounce; new life, new you!

3. Manicure those lovely nails with baking soda

What do you do to your cuticles once you push them back? Snip them off right? This can be dangerous, since snipping cuticles can cause nicks and cuts that lead to infection. What you could do is to use a teaspoon of baking soda, to which a little water has been added to form a paste. Rub the mix over the cuticles in circular motions, gently exfoliating your fingernails. For the final touch, rub a piece of lime over the nails and allow the vitamins to nourish the skin around. Do this thrice a week and watch how you gain compliments for perfect nails!

4. Bikini shaves done easy with baking soda

Dread getting that bikini wax because of the pain involved, and don’t want to shave the sensitive zone either, because you fear ending up with nicks and cuts? Here’s a solution with a cup of water and a quart cup baking soda! Form a gooey paste using the two, and apply it over your sensitive skin for about ten minutes. The hair follicles would turn softer, making it easy for you to shave or wax. No razor cuts, nicks or burns to deal with later!

5. DIY baking soda facial scrubs

Don’t you just love it when you get all the pampering and treatment at the nearest parlour, using herbal concoctions and chemical peels? And don’t you just love the results; a glow and a shine that brings in the compliments? If you love that deep cleansing ritual and would want the same at home, sans the high costs to pay; baking soda is the answer! Three tablespoons of baking soda, a tablespoon of honey and lime each, are what you need. Combine the three into a gooey paste using your fingers and apply the mask all over your face, your forehead and your neck. Wait for ten minutes until dry, and under cold running water, gently give yourself a nice face massage using circular motions. Rinse with warm water thereafter. Use cold rosewater in the final rinse, which helps tone the skin. Do this twice a week and enjoy the touch of soft supple skin.

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