4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Fishes In Summers

Summer is a busy, steamy and a sweaty season. From office to school to vacations or entertaining relatives, we have so much to do. Between all of these, we should keep in minds that your finned friends need some tender love and care. Although they are water dwelling creatures but like us, they too feel hot. So, here are some summer care tips for taking care of your fishes:

Cool It Up

This is one of the useful tips to keep your fishes in the tank or aquarium cool during summers. Fans too can cool aquariums. You can use a desk or window fan to cool the water. Just run the fan over the water. It is recommended to use the lowest speed to avoid blowing water out of the aquarium. Small fans to provide fresh air as well as cool the rising temperature in the fish tank. Keep the fan at a distance and place it in such a position that air enters the tank easily. You may also use a sterile bottle filled with ice (fill water and keep in freezer for 3-4 hours) for your tank. It cools the aquarium dramatically.

Maximize Aeration

Warm water has less oxygen, yet the fishes use more oxygen in warm water. Aeration is like introducing oxygen in your tank. Opt for a bigger tank because the more surface area, the more natural aeration it will have. However, if you do not have the budget for a bigger tank keep in mind that you can supply plenty of aeration by the use of air pumps. Other fittings, such as air stones, bubble wands, bubble disks and power heads add oxygen and circulate the tank water. Keep in mind that you have plenty of aeration running 24/7.

Clean Tank Regularly

We take bath every day to clean ourselves from dirt or germs. It also cools the body temperature. Same way, our finned friends also need to survive in clean water. Change and supply your aquarium with fresh water whenever you see that the tank is filthy. Unclean water also raises the temperature, so it is an absolute must to change water on a regular basis. Experts say that the best time to change water is during early evening. Also, remove any dead foliage. This decreases debris build-up in the tank and also improves the appearance of the pond.

Switch Off Lights

When you are done showing off your beautiful aquarium to your friends, it is time you turn off the lights. Excessive lighting heats up the water which in turn reduces oxygen content. Your fishes may feel difficulty in breathing. Keep in mind to switch on the lights only when it is required.

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