4 Things Your Children Will Always Remember About You

Raising kids is the most beautiful job in the world. The rewards it bring is uncountable. But what benefits does this glorious relationship give to your children? Have you ever pondered what beautiful memories you have furnished their hearts and minds with? Have a look at the 4 things that your kids will never forget you for:

The family traditions
With great fondness, children will always remember the so called traditions you established. Be it a weekly family movie, family road trips, visit to the amusement park every month, the way you celebrated birthdays or any other special event. Therefore, have an intention on creating more traditions so that they will pass these customs into their own children someday.

How you interacted with your spouse
It is an established fact, that our children will form a view of love, relationships and marriage by watching how you treat your wife or husband. Show them that you have blissful marriage which will inspire them to treat their spouse same way as you did. You should be a role model who gives your children the security that their mother and father are in a committed and loving relationship.

The words you use during affirmation and criticism
Always keep in mind that a child’s heart is like a wet cement, the impressions you make will harden with time. The words you use during their formative years will shape their sense of identity, capability and also self-worth. Your job as a parent is to raise a righteous and discipline child, but always let your words be full of love, positive reinforcement and encouragement.

Moments when you gave them your full attention
Children have an inherent habit of measuring your love by the attention you give. The times when you ended a call, stopped watching your favourite TV show at a party or go outside and play hide and seek will remain etched in their memories forever. Hence, take out time to do small things with your kids, because moments matter the most.

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