10 Health Benefits Of Henna

We all know about henna or mehndi and its uses. Usually, women apply henna on their hands and feet during the festival and wedding season. On the other hand, many men and women use it to condition and colour their hair. But there is much more to henna. Let’s look at the unheard of health benefits of henna.

Rejuvenates hair
Henna reconditions and rejuvenates nail and hair health. It strengthens them and prevents fungus in nails, split ends in hair  and cracked cuticles.

Prevents baldness
Mix powdered henna leaves with mustard oil. Heat the mixture. Regular massaging on the head produces abundant hair.

Relief from arthritis pain
Henna oil is a boon for rheumatic or arthritic pain. Massage the affected area with henna oil on a regular basis. Practise this for 1 month for best results.

Treats dysentery
Powder the henna seeds, mix with ghee and roll them into small balls. Take them with water if you are suffering from dysentery.

Controls blood pressure
Ayurveda says that henna is a heart-healthy herb. It has hypotensive effect that relieves stress on cardiovascular system which in turn lowers the blood pressure. Drink grinded henna leaves with water or apply the paste on your feet and hand.

Relief from migraine
Anti-inflammatory compounds present in henna promote healthy blood circulation and reduce tension. Apply the juice of the leaves on your head for fast relief from headaches and migraine.

Good for skin
Henna has the property to eliminate inflammation and has natural cooling abilities. Make a decoction of bark of henna tree and consume it for at least 40 days. Henna is a boon for the treatment of rashes, burns and sunburns henna and other severe skin ailments.

Treats epilepsy
Ayurveda says that henna is beneficial for epilepsy. Extract juice from fresh henna leaves (20 grams) and mix it with 200 grams of milk. Drink it every day. This will relieve the symptoms of epilepsy.

Treats kidney stones
Henna is known to be effective in the treatment of kidney enlargement and stones. Grind some fresh henna leaves (50 grams) and mix it in 500 ml water. Heat the concoction until it becomes lukewarm and then drink.

Cures mouth ulcer
As mentioned before, henna imparts cooling effect. Therefore, it helps in the treatment of mouth ulcers. Chew some henna leaves when you get a mouth ulcer next time.

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